Who are NOGLSTP Members?

Most NOGLSTP members are lesbigaytrans people with advanced degrees in life sciences, physical sciences, or engineering, and earn their living in the profession associated with their degrees. All people who support our goals — regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, and professional training — may join our organization.
NOGLSTP professions pie chart
The Physical Sciences category includes chemistry, physics, geography, geology, materials science, mathematics, astronomy, meteorology, and oceanographics. The Engineering Category is predominately computer science and electrical engineering, with some civil, biomedical, chemical, and aerospace engineerings. The Other category includes patent agents, policy analysts, lawyers, and high school teachers.

NOGLSTP members are extremely well-educated:

43% hold a Doctorate degree, and nearly a quarter our members’ most recent degrees are Master’s or Bachelor’s. Although undergraduates are welcome, as well as MD/JD, the numbers are lower – 6% and 4%, respectively.
NOGLSTP education level pie chart

Where do NOGLSTP members work?

One third of our members work for industry, and slightly less than a third of our members work in academia. Twenty five percent of our members are graduate students or post-docs. The non-profit, consulting, government, and health-care sectors are represented by the remaining 15% of our membership.
NOGLSTP employer type pie chart