Privacy Policy

National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, Inc. is committed to privacy of its members and users of is services. To that end, here is our privacy policy:

  • Our membership mailing list is for official NOGLSTP use only, and not for sale or lease. From time to time, we may include another organization’s materials with our own mailing.
  • We might let NOGLSTP members in geographic clusters who organize events use an applicable subset of our membership mailing list.
  • We will not put you on the NOGLSTP “out list” (for general web publication) unless you specifically direct us to.
  • If you are on the NOGLSTP “out list”, you might be contacted by non NOGLSTP members. We try to protect your email address from spam-bots, but don’t guarantee success.
  • We will not put you on the NOGLSTP “member directory” (for NOGLSTP members’ eyes only) unless you specifically direct us to.
  • If you are on the NOGLSTP “member directory”, you might be contacted by NOGLSTP members.
  • The NOGLSTP email discussion list is opt-in only. We will not sign you up for it unless you ask for it.
  • If you join the NOGLSTP email discussion list, you will receive email from any other list member who posts to the list. Your email address is not known to any other list member, unless you post to the list.
  • No one who is not a NOGLSTP email discussion list member may post to the list.
  • We might contact NOGLSTP members by email, or by postal mail, or by phone, for NOGLSTP business. NOGLSTP business includes activities/event announcements, news, solicitation of volunteers, solicitation of charitable contributions, and professional networking.
  • We acknowledge our larger benefactors publicly, in our newsletter and on our website. If you do not want to be publicly acknowledged, you must inform us when you make a donation.
  • We do not collect individual information about people visiting our website. We DO collect IP addresses, referrer headers, and information about pages visited for aggregate analysis of our web logs.