In Memory of  Deborah K. Dorsett 
Deborah Dorsett, a Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Scientists member since 1982, died of massive head and chest injuries just hours after a severe car accident in late April. She and a colleague were on their way to a botany environmental impact site study in Arizona.  The high winds that caused her to lose control and roll the car also prevented a speedy helicopter rescue.  She never made it to the hospital. 
Deborah was a witty, articulate, and mysterious woman who graced us with her love of science and her stalwart support of her extended family known as LAGLS. We will always remember her for her thoughtful contributions to the LAGLS potlucks, her walks of solitude at our beach parties, her joy of learning, her reluctance to embrace the corporate life, the long bus rides she endured to come to a meeting before she had a car, and her consistent friendship. We will always remember her, and will surely miss her. 

Perhaps you will enjoy some our memories of her on this website.

Deborah at the Living Desert - 1997 

Join us in a Final Farewell Nov 6...

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