At the Living Desert

Since around 1993, LAGLS has been making a yearly trip out to the Living Desert.  In 1997, at Deborah's instigation, LAGLS adopted a critter (a Springhaus), and earned itself a plaque on the wall of sponsors.  We were disappointed to not see our springhaus during our 1998 trip, so we adopted the more visible meerkat for the following year.

In front of the wall of contributors

Pictured above: Clare, Justin, Deborah, Barbara, Candy, Dwight, Scott

Deborah Epitomized When we think of Deborah, we often think of her intense love of nature, and her immense knowledge of the flora and fauna of the earth.  She was really in her element at our Living Desert field trips, and taught us a lot. 

The photo at the left captured that essence that we all remember. 

Post Script, Summer 2001: The members of LAGLS pitched in to create a permanent memory of Deborah at the Living Desert, in the form of a donation for a  tram bench.


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