Elvis visits the steering committee 

Pictured above, from left to right: 
Elvis, Chuck, Deborah, Barbara, Shelley, Oscar, Michael

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A Visit From Elvis

The knock on the door was expected, and everybody at the table craned their necks to participate in the time-honored tradition of getting a  glimpse of the cutie-pie delivering the pizza. What was unexpected was the man wielding the leer, sneer, and guitar, with a lock of dark-hair falling to his forehead from that classic pompadour. He was surrounded by minions and public relations people, and he insisted on talking to Shelley. After all, it was she who placed the order for the pizzas to feed our hungry work party. As Shelley came to the door, she exclaimed "Is it Elvis? Is it 
 really Elvis? The Pelvis himself explained that Shelley was randomly picked as part of a Pizza Hut promotional campaign to recieve a song, a pizza, and a spanking new one-hundred dollar bill. While the King serenaded the ecstatic members of the mailing party with "Heartbreak Hotel", "BlueSuede Shoes", and "Hound Dog", Shelley fast and furiously signed a million pages of legal papers, releasing her image to the desires of the 
marketing campaign. Shelley, Ben Franklin, Elvis, and the rest of us were memorialized with a photo-op. And the pizza was delicious!