photo Out to Innovate 2014

OTI 2019: Submit a Workshop Proposal

Diverse backgrounds and perspectives drive innovation and creativity, as well as fantastic program content at Out to Innovate™ summits. The next Out to Innovate™ will be March 16-17, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. Do you have an idea for a workshop that you would like us to consider for Out to Innovate™ 2019? We want to know what you have in mind. Follow this link to fill out the on-line workshop submission form.

For workshop idea inspiration, have a look the program books, videos, and photos from our past events. For your convenience, a list of prior workshop titles is shown below.

Workshops from Out to Innovate™ 2017:
Being LGBTQ in Academia
Careers in Research and Medicine
NSF and NIH Grant Writing
Mentoring Handbook – A resource for guiding STEM students and leaders in LGBTQA+ communities
Careers in the Corporate World
Civic Engagement: Effective Public Advocacy
OUT in the Middle of Nowhere
LGBTQ, Mental Health, and Graduate School
Working in National Security for the LGBTQ Community
Trans Visibility in STEM Careers
LGBTQ+ in Astronomy
Careers in Government
Investment Strategies for LGBTQ
Importance of Incorporating Intersectionality in Research and Project DevelopmentDemystifying the Application Process
Careers in Corporate America
Advancing Your Science with the National Research Mentoring Network
How to Network Like a Web Journalist
Authenticity in STEM and Academia
LGBTQ Mythbusters: Debunking False Objectivity
Using Story to Talk Science
Working in a National Lab
Strategy Focus to Lead and Advance LGBTQ Student and Employee Groups

Workshops from the joint meeting of NOGLSTP’s Out to Innovate™ 2014 and oSTEM’s Fourth National Conference:
(this was the first time we solicited workshop proposals from the outside, and the outcome was fantastic!)
Solving the Leadership Equation: LGBTQA + STEM = ?
Creating a Network of Success: LGBTQ+ STEM Mentoring
LGBTQ+ in Your Professional Society
Life, Love, and Mental Health
Each One, Reach One: People of Color in STEM Disciplines
Out to Lead: Lessons from LGBTQ+ Leaders Working in STEM
Trans 101
The Role of the Product Manager in Science and Technology Innovation
The Cloud to the Rescue: Engaging Tech Students to Help Solve LGBTQ+ and STEM Problems
Exceptional Resumes for LGBTQ+ STEM Professionals
MATHulinities: An Intersectional Analysis of Racialized Masculinities in Mathematics Learning
The Process of Obtaining Funding from the Federal Government
International Students and Partners
Being LGBTQ+ in Corporate America
There’s Life after Transition
Strategy Focus to Lead and Advance Student Groups
Research About the LGBTQ+ STEM Community
Identifying Challenges and Developing Best Practices for LGBTQ+ Graduate and Postdoctoral Trainees in STEM
Succeeding at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution

Out to Innovate™ 2012
Being a Minority within a Minority
Employee Resource Groups
Mentoring & Career Advancement
Being Out on Campus
Gender Identity and Gender Expression in the STEM Workplace: Perspectives, Challenges, and Best Practices
Careers in Biological Science
Careers in Healthcare
Careers in Physical Science
Careers in Engineering
Careers in Information Technology
Careers in Academics
Careers in Industry
Careers in Government
Careers in the Entrepreneurial Environment

Out to Innovate™ 2010
Being Out in the STEM World: Panel Discussion and Open Forum
Leadership and Activism
Gender Identity and Gender Expression in the STEM Workplace: Perspectives, Challenges, and Best Practices
Mentoring in the Classroom and Workplace: Creating Safe Spaces
STEM Careers in Government
Careers in Healthcare
Careers in IT/Entertainment
Careers in Research and Engineering
Being a Minority within a Minority
Minority Issues in STEM
Mentoring in STEM
Tips for Resume Writing